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Administrative Assistance in France

Assistance administrative pour les voyageurs expatriés: timbrage de lettres, dosssiers fiscaux médicaux patrimoine assurance et caisses de retraite.

Do you need administrative work to be carried out for you or your business in France ?

Our administrative team, with the assistance of our accountant and our lawyer can take charge of a large number of tasks on your behalf. Here are a few examples :

Domiciliation courrier France voyageurs expatriés avec lecture courrier Internet sur

Customer review: I?ve been living in Israel for almost 10 years now, but my French clients keep sending me French checks to pay me! I?m fortunate that Ubidoca cash them for me, filling all the paperwork directly with my bank. Eventually, it was so convenient that I gave them my signature stamp, and never had trouble doing. My Ubidoca agent is really trustworthy and we get along very well

We can also :

Customer review: I needed to conclude a contract with a local insurance company for my villa in France, but didn’t have the leisure to make the trip. I gave power to the Ubidoca manager to legally conclude the contract on my behalf and everything went just fine.

Do not hesitate to ask us something not listed here. We cannot mention everything on this page. Our administrative team will gladly provide you any virtual assistance you may need to perform administrative tasks in France. It makes sense since our customers already trust us with their mail.


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